Atec Pharmatechnik

Leading manufacturer of aseptic processing solutions for sterile pharma systems

Deal Facts
  • AGIC acquired a majority stake in Atec Pharmatechnik in December 2022 with re-investment from existing shareholders in a minority position

Business Overview

  • Atec is a Germany-based leading manufacturer of aseptic processing solutions, primarily used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and bioprocessing applications, with a customer base that includes the top 10 global pharmaceutical companies¬†
  • Atec’s leading products include stopper and cap processing systems used for aseptic filling, RTP transfer ports and ancillary single-use transfer bag solutions, and related services all of which comprise mission-critical technologies that enable its customers to establish safe and reliable manufacturing process environments

Investment Thesis

  • Systemic demand for aseptic fill & finish solutions through ever-increasing regulatory hurdles (GMP Annex 1) and stringent safety requirements as well as an accelerating innovative drug market focused on injectables
  • Gold standard stopper washer solution for high throughput applications featuring a well-renowned brand among leading pharmaceutical landscape for cutting-edge sterilization equipment with the highest quality and reliability globally
  • Best-in-class engineering with deep internal value creation, innovation and future growth on rapid transfer ports, single-use transfer bags and other consumables / RTU solutions

AGIC Value Added

  • Atec is set to be the first of several acquisitions as AGIC builds a specialty process technologies platform focused on pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical end markets
  • AGIC is supporting management to increase local capacity, launch new product lines, expand local coverage and leverage process capabilities and automated infrastructure
    to reinforce Atec’s market leader status
  • In addition, AGIC is doubling down on management’s continued shift to increasing modularization and investing into services and ancillary recurring revenue channels