Leading supplier of high-precision gas delivery system components for semiconductor and industrial applications

Deal Facts
  • AGIC invested in Compart in a consortium in December 2020

Business Overview

  • Compart is a Singapore-headquartered manufacturer of highly engineered, customized gas and chemical delivery systems for the semiconductor and medical industries as well as other industrial end markets
  • The company also provides a full set of assembly services for mass flow controllers (MFC), including testing, calibration and maintenance

Investment Thesis

  • Compart is an industry leader with proven innovation capabilities and strong R&D pipeline to support continued growth
  • Strong growth momentum driven by demand from existing semiconductor equipment OEM clients for customized, gas delivery products as well as expansion into adjacent end markets such as oil and gas, traditional industrials, healthcare
  • AGIC can leverage its strong connections and resources in the semiconductors industry in Asia to help Compart unlock its growth potential by forming supplying relationship with new customers, reinforcing existing contracts and realizing synergies with local business partners

AGIC Value Added

  • AGIC supported Compart in further penetrating the Asian market, expanding its customer base and solidifying relationship with existing business partners
  • Helped Compart to grow the production facilities in Malaysia & China to expand manufacturing capacity and better serve customers in the APAC region
  • We were able to reduce the regulatory burdens by expediting Compart’s construction plan with regulators and allowing incremental production capacity coming online ahead of plan