PR Electronics

Leading supplier of signal conditioning devices

Deal Facts
  • AGIC acquired PR Electronics in June 2023 alongside Kirk Kapital and management

Business Overview

  • PR Electronics is a Denmark-based manufacturer of signal-conditioning instruments for process industries, with over two-thirds of total revenue coming from the MRO segment. It has eight subsidiaries worldwide and serves a diverse range of industries, including industrials, energy, O&G, chemical, water, and pharmaceuticals 
  • PR Electronics provides a range of Ex-certified products for both general purpose and hazardous applications (~30% of sales). Related products include smart and simple communication and connectivity add-ons, which enable interfacing of field assets to the plant control and supervisory level. All these products are supported by an array of proprietary and/or patented technologies

Investment Thesis

  • Large addressable market with solid underlying growth, particularly in the MRO segment. Growth driven by investments in infrastructure, increasing quality requirements, focus on health, safety and efficiency, increasing automation etc.
  • Strong brand recognition for being a technological innovator and quality leader. Brand loyalty is high for PR Electronics due to customers prioritizing performance and safety, resulting in a significant share of repeat revenue
  • State-of-the-art facility in Aarhus, Denmark, with vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities, including in-house R&D and efficient automated manufacturing
  • Highly attractive financial profile with superior profit margins and excellent cash generation. Under the current management team, top-line growth has accelerated and operational efficiency further increased

AGIC Value Added

  • Strengthening the company’s operations in existing markets by investing in sales and key account management (“KAM”), supporting the development of distributors to further scale the business and capture upside potential
  • Accelerating growth in the US and APAC regions where PR Electronics already has dedicated operations and supporting its further expansion of direct sales and geographic coverage
  • Supporting the company in diversifying and scaling the product portfolio, as well as expanding its geographic footprint through bolt-on acquisitions