Pure Trade

Leading supply chain solution provider in the premium
packaging space

Deal Facts
  • AGIC acquired a majority stake in Pure Trade in July 2023 with re-investment from key management team

Business Overview

  • Pure Trade is a leading global supply chain solution provider in the premium secondary and promotional packaging space. Based in France, it operates from seven offices across Europe, Asia, and the United States and provides trusted one-stop-shop solutions to the most renowned luxury cosmetic and beauty brands worldwide
  • Pure Trade provides a wide range of services including project and supplier management, sourcing of innovative and sustainable materials, eco-design, product development, quality control and logistics for products such as primary packaging, secondary packaging, bags, pouches, coffrets, accessories & Spa offer

Investment Thesis

  • Robust growth and high resilience in premium cosmetic and beauty end markets; high-quality and eco-friendly secondary and promotional packaging being a key element in premium brands’ marketing strategy
  • Strong market positioning based on superior customer orientation and operational excellence with long-term, blue-chip client relationships
  • Highly flexible fabless operational model leveraging its long-standing international network of proven, certified suppliers

AGIC Value Added

  • Support the company’s growth initiatives by accelerating expansion into key markets outside Europe, in particular US and APAC
  • Pursue a synergistic buy-and-build strategy to tap into adjacent market segments and broaden its product portfolio
  • Double down on Pure Trade’s ESG innovation capabilities and digitization of the business